. New London County Skywarn .

Skywarn Coordinator
Christina Martin: E.C.

Deputy Coordinator
Richard Martin: A.E.C.

Net Control Station
Open N.C.S.

Wx Net Manager W1JOP
Skywarn Nets 147.060

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- CG..Strokes..+ CG....USA Lightning...8...NE Forecast....- CC..Intra Cloud..+ CC


Storm Type and Information:

Type 1 Storm Light Snow .. Less Than 1 Inch Per Hour. (No Criteria).
Type 2 Storm Snow .. 1 Inch Per Hour. Report to N.W.S. 2, 4, 6, Inches, Event Total.
Type 3 Storm Heavy Wet Snow .. More Than 1 Inch Per Hour. Thunder Snow?
Type 4 Storm Nor' Easter .. Heavy Wet Snow, Ice, Sleet, Freezing Rain, or Rain Mix.
Type 5 Storm Freezing Rain .. Rain Freezing on Colder Objects, Like Trees or Power Lines.
Type 6 Storm Blizzard .. Damaging Wind, Blowing Snow, Poor Visibilities, For 3+ Hours.
Type 7 Storm Super Storm Blizzard .. Damaging Wind, Blowing Snow, Poor Visibilities.
Type 8 Storm Governor Declares a State of Emergency. Numerous Road Closures.
Type 9 Storm Eye to the Sky. Look for Unusual Activity, or Falling Debris from Space.
Thunder Snow Report all Thunder Snow to the N. W. S.


Estimated Possibilities of Power Outages and Shelters:

Green Alert Light Snow 1,240 0.1% Outage Shelters 00%
Yellow Alert Snow 2,481 0.2% Outage Shelters 00%
Orange Alert Heavy Wet Snow 12,405 01% Outage Shelters 60%
Red Alert Nor' Easter 24,811 02% Outage Shelters 90%
Red Alert Freezing Rain 49,623 04% Outage Shelters 90%
Red Alert Blizzard 74,434 06% Outage Shelters 90%
Magenta Alert Super Storm 868,406 70% Outage Shelters 95%
Brown Alert Emergency 70,703 5.8% Outage Shelters 90%
Blue Alert Sky Watch 6,202 .05% Outage Shelters 00%
Impact_Scale 1. Notable 2. Significant 3. Major 4. Crippling 5. Extreme Hazard Scales


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