. New London County Skywarn .

Skywarn Coordinator
Christina Martin: E.C.

Deputy Coordinator
Richard Martin: A.E.C.

Net Control Station
Open N.C.S.

Wx Net Manager W1JOP
Skywarn Nets 147.060

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- CG..Strokes..+ CG....USA Lightning...8...NE Forecast....- CC..Intra Cloud..+ CC


Storm Type and Information:

Type 1 Storm Rain .. Less Than 1 Inch Per Hour. (No Criteria)
Type 2 Storm Hail .. Under 1 Inch Diameter, or Wind With Little Damage. (No Criteria)
Type 3 Storm Flooding .. More Than 1 Inch of Rain Per Hour. (Report to N. W. S.).
Type 4 Storm Hail .. Over 1 Inch Diameter, Damaging Wind, Flash Flooding.
Type 5 Storm Supercell .. Tornadoes? Large Hail, Damaging Wind, Flash Flooding.
Type 6 Storm Hurricane .. Tornadoes, Wind Gust 70+ mph, Flooding, Storm Surge.
Type 7 Storm Super Storm Hurricane .. Wind Gust 70+ mph, Flooding, Storm Surge.
Type 8 Storm Governor Declares a State of Emergency. Numerous Road Closures.
Type 9 Storm Eye to the Sky. Look for Unusual Activity, or Falling Debris from Space.

Estimated Possibilities of Power Outages and Shelters:

Green Alert Light Rain 620 .05% Power Outage Shelters 00%.
Yellow Alert Rain 868 .07% Power Outage Shelters 00%.
Orange Alert Flooding 1,116 0.9% Power Outage Shelters 20%.
Red Alert Damaging Wind 13,646 1.1% Power Outage Shelters 30%.
Red Alert Supercell-Tornado 111,652 09% Power Outage Shelters 80%.
Red Alert Hurricane 992,484 80% Power Outage Shelters 95%.
Magenta Alert Super Storm 1,116,522 90% Power Outage Shelters 95%.
Brown Alert Emergency 620,290 50% Power Outage Shelters 60%.
Blue Alert Sky Watch 620 .05% Power Outage Shelters 10%.


Thank You for being a Skywarn Spotter.

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